Amani ya Juu is a training center in Nairobi for economically challenged women.  It is a place where women gain skills, earn an income and discover the healing power of God's transforming peace.  From the small beginnings of a few women to a network of diverse centers and cultures, the story bears witness to the power of peace and reconciliation -- restoring lives, giving hope and purpose.

A Place to Heal

As each woman begins her journey with Amani, having been broken and devastated by the horrors of civil conflict or by economic or personal hardship, she has a need of healing, a restored vision, and a renewed energy to live again. Though they come with needs they also come with gifts.  They bring together skills in stitching, a love of African textiles, an eye for beauty, and a passion for peace. The convergence of their talents, needs, and desires is what brought Amani ya Juu to life.  Through the blend of compassion and business Amani ya Juu has emerged as a holistic economic enterprise.

Passing the Peace

The women at Amani ya Juu experience God’s peace and the profound difference it makes in their lives, giving them dignity and worth.  The seeds of peace, first sown in 1996 at the Nairobi center, have continued to spread and multiply.  When Amani women return to their home countries or repatriate to new homelands, they take Amani with them.  A presence of peace has been established in numerous cities, countries and communities, wherever women with a vision of peace have gone.

A refugee family escaped to Kenya during the war in Uganda and found refuge at Amani.  Simprosa Okot, trained and grew in leadership at Amani Kenya for eight years, alongside her husband, before returning to Uganda with their children.  In 2011 it became clear to Simprosa that a holistic program was needed in her home town of Gulu in order to reach out to former abducted women of the LRA (rebel group in the region).  With support from Amani ya Juu, Simprosa established Amani Uganda and began stitching with a small group of women in Gulu.

In 2012, an Amani Distribution Center was established in Chattanooga, TN, USA.  Many of the Amani products, made by the centers in Kenya and Uganda, are exported to the Amani Chattanooga Center.   Amani products and the peace and hope each one represents are enjoyed in homes and among friends far and wide.  

The Amani Garden Cafe and Boutique in Nairobi offer customers an opportunity to hear the story of Amani through a tour of the facility as well as a chance to shop and enjoy a meal at the Cafe.


Growing Together in Peace


Amani ya Juu has grown from one location to a network of interdependent centers.  All Amani centers share life and community with one another while serving a common goal and purpose of spreading God’s peace globally.