Fargo Delivery Services

1. Delivery schedule:   

  • Nairobi delivery:  orders within Nairobi are processed within 24 hours (except on weekends).  In case of any adjustments, our team will inform you.
  • Country-wide delivery:  once we confirm your order, we will send you the delivery charges.  Delivery could be up to 5 working days.
2. Tracking of your purchase:

Both Amani and Customer are able to track package. Tracking number is provided for tracking package on Fargo website.  Link for Fargo tracking below:


3. Door to door delivery (in most cases)

4. Approximate shipping rates: 

  • Nairobi routes - 350/-
  • Outer Nairobi routes - 500/-
  • Mt. Kenya routes - 500/-
  • Rift valley routes - 500/-
  • Coastal routes - 700/-
  • Lake region routes - 700/-
  • Lamu - 1650/-

*routes outside of Nairobi may vary depending on the remoteness of the location

*shipping services are not available outside of Kenya